NRTC Broadband Solutions
Broadband Solutions
NRTC Broadband Solutions
Broadband Solutions

Why Accept a
Broadband Model
That Doesn’t Fit?

Give Your
Broadband Strategy
Room to Grow

Not Every Approach
Leads to Broadband

Your Cooperative Has Its Own Unique Broadband Needs.

What Makes Our Approach Different?

NRTC develops custom broadband solutions for every member

Your cooperative is unique, and NRTC knows that a rubberstamp broadband solution is never the answer.

Your service area might cover suburban areas, small towns, vast swaths of farmland, or anything and everything in between. We work with each member to create custom, tailored solutions for their own individual broadband needs.

No two cooperatives are alike, and NRTC knows this because we were created by electric cooperatives, and we are a cooperative. Cooperative principles guide everything we do. Our feasibility studies, design and engineering services, construction and project management, managed services, and customer care ensure that we will be with you every step of the way.

Helping a Member Achieve RDOF Success

Cody Durham of Tishomingo County Electric Power Association shares how NRTC’s expertise and support enabled his cooperative to win RDOF funding and lay the foundation for bringing fast, affordable broadband service to the local community.

Solutions Tailored to You from Beginning to End

Feasability Studies

Every member is different, which means that no two networks are the same. For some members, an all-fiber solution is the right choice. But for most, a combined deployment of fiber, wireless and even satellite broadband is the best choice.

That’s why we provide comprehensive, detailed and highly individualized feasibility studies for our members. We will work with you to update mapping information, even driving every line-mile of your service territory, if necessary, to get an accurate, unbiased assessment of your broadband options.

NRTC works with members every step of the way to develop the broadband solutions that are right for each member.

We know that it’s not NRTC’s broadband story, it’s yours.

Learn more about NRTC members’ broadband stories and contact us if you’d like to learn more.

Design and Engineering Services

Our experienced team can design, engineer, and manage your broadband network construction for wireless, telecom, and smart grid networks to enable you to connect offices, substations, key commercial customers, and critical infrastructure end points. High-bandwidth, redundant, two-way, private, and secure communications can ensure instant two-way data, voice, and video communications.

But designing your network is about much more than the physical assets that make it up. It’s also about ensuring that the project is financially sound and can compete with other providers in your area. That’s why we also provide detailed financial models and competitive analysis for every project.

Contact us to learn more about how our design and engineering services are different from other providers.

Construction and Project Management

Choosing the right construction partner can play a key role in the success or failure of any network launch. For all broadband projects, we oversee the request for proposals (RFP) process to ensure the best possible firm is chosen for you. NRTC works with a variety of fiber construction firms across the country. We don’t stop there. After construction begins, we work with your team to supervise the successful build-out of your network.

What can you expect during the construction of your network? We would be happy to walk you through that process. Contact us to learn more.

Managed Services, Marketing and Customer Care

It takes a lot of time and resources to manage a network, handle customer support around the clock, and grow a business all at once. Leverage our expert personnel and leading-edge products and services so your team can focus on taking care of your customers, improving your network, and growing your business.

No matter what your needs—supplementing your technical support, expanding it to non-peak hours, or completely outsourcing it—our highly-trained, U.S. based call center agents will take care of your customers as you would, 24x7x365. That’s because we built our support team by hiring the kind of people you’d want to hire yourself.

We also offer specially designed tools to help our members identify potential customers, so they can spend their marketing dollars wisely. Through a web-based interface, we divide your service area into geographic zones, then, using crowdsourcing techniques, we determine which zones have the most interest in broadband service.

How else can NRTC help you manage, market and maintain your broadband offering? Contact us to learn more.

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